Inverted nipple correction

Inverted nipple correction treatment addresses nipples which invert or indent, rather than protrude.

What is inverted nipple correction treatment?

Inverted nipple correction treatment addresses nipples which invert or indent, rather than protrude. This is a characteristic which is present in around one in ten women, whilst the condition affects men.

While inverted nipples are a natural occurrence which do not present any health complications or impact on nipple sensitivity, you may want to reverse an inverted nipple or nipples for aesthetic reasons.

Inverted nipple correction is a daycase procedure that aims to restore the normal appearance of the nipple.

Am I a good candidate for inverted nipple correction?

Whether you opt for the inverted nipple correction treatment is likely to depend on the severity of your condition. A three-point scale has been created to classify the severity of the inversion, and help to evaluate the merits of undergoing inverted nipple correction surgery.

Level 1 relates to inverted nipples often referred to as 'shy' nipples - that is, nipples which are often seen in an inverted position but can protrude outwards if stimulated or exposed to certain temperatures. Level 2 is the moderate classification which refers to nipples which are in an inverted position most of the time, but can be 'forced' to protrude temporarily via suction or prolonged stimulation. Level 3 is attributed to nipples which are highly constricted and prevented from protruding by surrounding tissue.

Your degree of nipple inversion will determine the type of surgery that is performed.

You may not be suitable for an inverted nipple correction if you are a smoker who does not want to quit before or after surgery and have unrealistic expectations about what the surgery can achieve.

During the initial consultation, Mr Chummun will take a full medical history and examine you. He will assess your wishes and discuss the various treatment options. The agreed procedure will be explained.

During the surgery

The procedure is carried out under local or general anaesthesia. The severity of the tethering that produces the nipple retraction and inversion will determine the type of correction. In all cases, a small cut is made at the base of nipple and the deforming fibrous tissues are divided, allowing restoration of the nipple projection. This in turn is maintained with sutures, and in severe cases, local tissue flaps are used as well as sutures. A supportive dressing is used to maintain the shape and projection of the nipple.

Recovery from inverted nipple correction

The recovery process usually takes just one to three days - bruising and a low level of swelling may occur. Pain can be eased during this time with over-the-counter painkillers. You will be able to resume normal activities after this short recovery period and will attend a follow-up consultation, during which the dressing and sutures will be removed and your surgeon can ensure that you have healed well.

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