Areola reduction

Areola is referred to the darker area around the nipples

What is areola reduction treatment?

Areola reduction treatment refers to a change in the size of the areola - which is the darker area around the nipples. It is a cosmetic procedure which is usually chosen by people who are uncomfortable with the size of their areolae.

The treatment can be used to reduce the size of one, or both, of the areolae. An areola reduction can be performed as a standalone treatment, or along with a breast reduction, breast lift or breast augmentation.

Am I a good candidate for an areola reduction?

A suitable candidate for areola reduction can be anyone who is not satisfied with the size of one areola or both areolae. This could be because one areola is a different size or shape to another. Some people who opt for an areola reduction might have lost a lot of weight, leading to their areolae being stretched. Other factors which can change the size or appearance of women's areolae is breastfeeding or pregnancy.

You might have protruding or 'puffy' areolae, which can also be addressed with areola reduction.

The treatment can be suitable for teenage males, but women should not have an areola reduction until their breasts are fully developed.
During the initial consultation, Mr Chummun will take a full medical history and examine you. He will assess your wishes and discuss the various treatment options. The agreed procedure will be explained.

During the surgery

Depending on the nature of the areola reduction, local or general anaesthetic will be administered before the procedure. The surgeon will begin by making a circular incision in the areola around its existing border and removing the excess areolar tissue. The incision site is then closed using dissolvable stitches. Some patients may also have a prominent nipple height, which can be reduced at the same time, by excising a small amount of skin at the base of the nipple. This reduces the nipple height and makes it more harmonious with the new areola.

Because the incision is made around the existing border of the areola, visible scarring can be kept to a minimum. The procedure usually takes around an hour to complete.

Surgical dressings are applied following the treatment, and women can be fitted with a post-surgical bra. Those who have undergone the procedure under local anaesthesia will normally be free to return home about half an hour after the procedure. If a general anaesthetic has been administered, you will be monitored in a recovery room before being discharged.

Recovery from areola reduction

Prior to discharge, your surgeon will provide you with after care advice. In general, recovery from an areola reduction is quick and results can be seen immediately. You might feel minor discomfort after the procedure, but pain can be eased with over the counter painkillers. Discomfort typically subsides entirely after a few days. Swelling and numbness can also be experienced, and these symptoms can take up to six weeks to disappear.

You will be reviewed by your surgeon in clinic following the surgery, to ensure that you have healed well and that your recovery has been uneventful.

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