Arm Lift

An arm lift is also referred to as a brachioplasty

What is an arm lift?

An arm lift - also referred to as a brachioplasty - is a cosmetic procedure which is typically undergone in order to improve the appearance of the 'under portion' of the upper arm. During surgery, excess fat and skin are removed from the section of the arm between the elbow and the armpit. The skin which is left is placed over the new contours, resulting in an improved appearance.

The treatment addresses natural signs of ageing, such as the skin on the upper arms becoming looser and sagging over time. Another cause of sagging skin on the undersides of the arms can be significant weight loss. In some cases, an arm lift is the only realistic way to remove excess skin which has lost its elasticity. While exercise can improve muscle tone and strength, it cannot restore elasticity to the skin.

Am I a good candidate for an arm lift?

The most suitable candidates for an arm lift will have excess skin hanging from their upper arms, due to age, genetics or significant weight loss. Ideally, you will be close to your ideal weight before undergoing the procedure, allowing the surgeon to produce results which are proportioned to the rest of the body. It is important that candidates have a realistic understanding of what the treatment can achieve, and realise that the procedure is not a substitute for exercising regularly and keeping to a healthy diet.

During the initial consultation, Mr Chummun will take a full medical history and examine you. He will assess your wishes and discuss the various treatment options. The agreed procedure will be explained.

During the surgery

During the surgery, the surgeon will begin by making incisions on the underside of the arms, according to a predetermined pattern and length. It will then be possible to tighten the underlying tissues with stitches. Fat can also be removed using liposuction.

The procedure is completed with the skin being draped over the new shape, and the excess skin being removed. To close the incisions, dissolvable stitches and surgical tapes are used. A drain (small tube) may be placed in the arm to drain any excess blood or fluid. The incisions are then covered in bandages and loosely wrapped in order to minimise swelling.

Recovery from an arm lift

You will typically see a doctor within a few days after the procedure, in order to remove bandages and any drain, if used. A compression sleeve may be worn during the recovery period in order to keep swelling down. In the weeks following an arm lift, you will be advised to avoid strenuous physical activities which might risk stretching the incisions. You will also be asked to avoid lifting your arms above the level of your shoulders. Pain medications can be taken as needed. Once the wound has healed, you will need to massage and moisturise the scars in order to soften them and will be advised to apply sunscreen to the scars.

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