Chin and jawline contouring

Chin and jawline contouring is able to restructure and reshape the chin and jawline

What is chin and jawline contouring treatment?

Chin and jawline contouring is used to address natural signs of ageing such as loss of the jowl (the lower part of the cheek) and sagging. The treatment is able to restructure and reshape the chin and jawline. It typically involves the use of soft tissue fillers, which is a simple outpatient procedure. More invasive procedures can include chin reduction and enhancement surgery, neck lift and facelift.

Depending on their objectives, patients can expect one or more of the following benefits from the procedure: a more defined jawline and chin, the elimination of a receding or protruding chin, and the elimination of unwanted dimples.

Am I a good candidate for chin and jawline contouring?

You could be a good candidate for chin and jawline contouring if you have a good level of general health and realistic objectives about what the treatment can achieve. If you wish to add a moderate amount of definition to your jawline, chin and jawline contouring with fillers can be an effective option.

You should note that some medical conditions - such as bleeding disorders - can present an increased risk of complications from the treatment.

During the surgery

Chin and jawline contouring using fillers is an outpatient procedure. In some cases, you may be able to undergo the procedure on the same day that you have an initial consultation.

After administering a numbing agent, the doctor will then use a needle or cannula for the filler injection, moving it along the jawline. Multiple injections may be required during the treatment.

Surgical procedures for chin and jawline contouring can include chin enhancement surgery, also known as genioplasty, which uses an implant placed around your chin bone in order to change the size and shape of a chin, offering a more balanced aesthetic for small or recessed chins. It uses a small incision inside the mouth or underneath the chin and is usually performed under general anaesthetic or local anaesthetic with sedation.

Recovery from chin and jawline contouring

There is typically no recovery period needed after chin and jawline contouring with fillers treatment. More invasive techniques typically allow a return to work within seven days. Instructions are usually given for sleeping, with patients advised to sleep with their head up and in a raised position, in order to control post-operation swelling and protect healing incisions.

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