Lip enhancement

Lip enhancement refers to a range of treatments which are capable of improving the appearance of the lips

What is lip enhancement treatment?

Lip enhancement - also known as lip augmentation - refers to a range of treatments which are capable of improving the appearance of the lips. These treatments can range from hyaluronic acid injections (Fillers), fat transfer to implants.

Benefits of lip enhancement treatment include an enhanced appearance, natural fullness and reduced wrinkles fine lines around the mouth.

Am I a good candidate for lip enhancement?

During the consultation, Mr Chummun will take a full medical history and examine you. He will discuss the options that are available and help you make the most appropriate choice for enhancing your lips.

You can be a good candidate for lip enhancement via fillers if you have lost fullness in the lips over time or would like lips which are plumper than your natural look. Fillers are temporary and the procedure will need to be repeated.

If you opt for a more permanent lip augmentation, surgery in the shape of fat transfer or implant may be more appropriate.


During the surgery

Lip fillers can be injected in a clinic or an office. A local numbing agent is applied to ease discomfort. Fine needles are used to inject the fillers into the targeted area, and the benefits can be seen immediately.

Lip enhancement surgery can be done either under local or general anaesthetic, as a day-case procedure. When fat is used, a small amount is harvested from either your tummy or knees. It is then processed into a paste and injected into your lips to create a more enhanced look. When an implant is used, two small cuts are made at the corner of the lip and the implant is tunnelled through the lip via these two cuts, which are then closed with small dissolvable sutures.

Recovery from lip enhancement

Following a fillers injection, you should be able to see and feel a difference immediately. Avoiding lipstick and other cosmetic lip products is recommended for a few hours after the procedure.
Following lip implant surgery, it is important to avoid placing any pressure on the lips for up to two weeks after the procedure. This can include actions such as compressing your lips or opening your mouth wide. Pain medication can be used in order to ease any discomfort, and ice packs can be effective in reducing any swelling.

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