Liposuction is also referred to as body contouring or lipoplasty

What is liposuction treatment?

Liposuction, also referred to as body contouring or lipoplasty, is a procedure which removes fat, and is usually undergone for cosmetic purposes. The treatment is usually targeted at areas of the body where the fat tends to collect, such as the tummy, hips, thighs, buttocks, arms and neck.

Liposuction is able to achieve an altered body shape, with contours which you are happier with. This new body shape can be maintained with a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Am I a good candidate for liposuction?

Generally, good candidates for liposuction will have excess body fat in certain spots but have a bodyweight which is relatively stable. Suitable patients will have a bodyweight which is within 30 per cent of their ideal weight, and preferably have good muscle tone and firm skin. Patients may have found that pockets of fat which they wish to eliminate have not responded to exercise or dietary changes.

Individuals who have realistic goals for body contouring in relation to the treatment, and have a positive outlook, are better suited to liposuction. It should be noted that liposuction shouldn't be seen as a total solution for weight loss. It is also not a way to remove stretch marks.

During the consultation, Mr Chummun will take a full medical history and assess if you are suitable for this type of surgery. He will discuss the type of surgery that is most appropriate for you and the risks that are involved.

During the surgery

Depending on the area and the extent of the liposuction, the procedure can be carried out under either local or general anaesthetic. There are several different varieties of the liposuction procedure. All of them use a cannula (thin tube) in order to suck fat from targeted parts of the body, in order to achieve the desired shape and contour.

Liposuction treatment can last for anything from one to four hours.

Recovery from liposuction

Depending on the extent of the liposuction performed, the procedure can be done as a day case procedure or you may have to stay one night in hospital.

Usually, a compression garment will be worn after the liposuction procedure and can remain on for up to two months, helping to control swelling and assist with the healing. You will usually be able to resume work a few days after the procedure, but the exact time needed off work will depend on the speed of the individual's recovery. It can take up to six months for the treated areas to settle and for you to see the full results.

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