5 Tips To Prepare For Your First Rhinoplasty Consultation

Are you thinking of getting rhinoplasty surgery to enhance the shape and look of your nose? If so, adequate preparation is key to ensuring you’re informed and reducing feelings of anxiety and nervousness. Here are five tips that will help you prepare for your first rhinoplasty consultation.

1. Set goals

Start by setting your rhinoplasty goals. Do you want to alter your profile, reshape the tip of your nose, or change everything? Perhaps your main goal is more functional than aesthetic, to improve your breathing for example.

Whatever your desired outcome is, give it careful consideration, so you’re better equipped to communicate your needs and goals with your surgeon.

2. Research rhinoplasty surgeons

The surgeon you pick for your rhinoplasty procedure can make or break your results. An inexperienced surgeon might end up botching your nose while a certified one can give you the outcome you desire.

So, spend time researching surgeons near you to find one that’s qualified and has the right training and qualifications required for a rhinoplasty. Seeing as the nose is a highly complex area, you want a plastic surgeon with extensive rhinoplasty experience, as they can get the job done right the first time.

3. Have realistic expectations

If you walk into your first rhinoplasty consultation with a fixed idea of how you want your nose to look, you might end up being disappointed. Your surgery outcome largely depends on your nose and facial structures, meaning there’s only so much that your plastic surgeon can do.

Therefore, understand that perfection is never realistic, but improvement and enhancement can make a dramatic change.

4. Prepare questions ahead of time

If you have any questions and concerns about your rhinoplasty procedure, now’s the time to write them down. This way, you don’t forget any key queries during your appointment.

Bring the list with you for your appointment, and a reliable surgeon will happily answer every question in detail.

5. Be honest

It’s wise to be honest with your potential plastic surgeon about your medical history and other related health information. This includes any medications or substances you’re taking, as they could affect your rhinoplasty outcome.

Certain conditions might also put you at more risk, causing surgical complications. Therefore, don’t hold back any information that you think may be important for your procedure.

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