Am I A Good Candidate For Rhinoplasty

Am I a good candidate for a nose job? This is a commonly asked question among many patients. Generally, numerous factors, including your health and age, determine whether you’re an ideal candidate for rhinoplasty. Keep reading to find out whether you qualify for rhinoplasty surgery.

1. You’re healthy

If you’re physically healthy with no severe medical conditions or illnesses, you’re a good candidate. However, if you have bleeding disorders, diabetes, heart condition, high blood pressure, or blood disease, you might want to consult with your plastic surgeon first before deciding.

They can advise you accordingly, depending on why you want to get your rhinoplasty.

2. Your age

While younger patients can get surgery, cosmetic surgeons recommend patients being at least 18 years and older. This is because all soft-tissue and skeletal facial growth are complete. So, if you’re in your late teens or into adulthood, you make for the perfect rhinoplasty candidate.

3. Reasonable or realistic expectations

You need to have reasonable aesthetic goals to get rhinoplasty. Patients with unrealistic expectations are less likely to be satisfied with the outcome of their surgery, which can take a toll on their mental health.

You also have to understand that nose surgery doesn’t change everything about your life and be aware of the possible risks and complications involved beforehand. A reliable plastic surgeon will inform you of all the risks involved and ask you questions about your expectations.

4. Clear goals

In addition to having realistic expectations, you need to have clear goals for your procedure. This means knowing what you want to get done and why. For instance, do you want to reduce the size of your nose, repair a broken nose or eliminate a bump on the bridge of your nose?

Remember, everyone has different bone structures, nasal musculature, and nasal skin thickness, which determine what your surgeon can do or not. Fortunately, having clear goals ensures your surgeon knows the limitations of your existing nose and can advise you on the best course of action.

Bottom line

Having rhinoplasty surgery is a huge decision, so consult with your surgeon first to identify whether you’re an ideal candidate.

Contact Mr. Shaheel Chummun today for your rhinoplasty consultation. He’ll take a look at your medical history, assess your nose and discuss your expectations and the type of surgery involved to determine whether you’re a good candidate.